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Move. Play. Groove again.

We help you recover in the fastest possible time so you can enjoy your active life once again.

Imagine being able to go on a shopping marathon, or a real marathon (we're not here to judge)... no longer set back by your bunion, flat feet knee and ankle pain.

shopping running chiropractor MBA Chiropractic

Imagine a productive day in the office or watching Netflix at home without your neck and back hurting.

office corporate talk Dr Benjamin Loh chiropractor in Petaling Jaya

Or blazing the ballet and Zumba studio.

Or perhaps you just need an adjustment to kick away your migraine, tension headache and back pain.

chiropractor doing adjustment for back pain MBA Chiropractic

It's available right here in MBA Chiropractic Petaling Jaya.

Our unique blend of chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupressure and rehab exercise helps you achieve optimal results.

If you are looking for a quick fix, one time "miracle" crack, we are not for you.

BUT if you want a solution to your problems, longer lasting results, read on!

Help is here. Choose one!

♦ Office rehab

Hustle smart!

We help you kick shoulder and back pain away. Relieve tension headaches too, so that you can be more productive and restart your active life.

migraine headache

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♦ Wellness

Too much stress can affect your digestion and sleep.

indigestion and stress

Our unique chiropractic, acupressure and specific exercises can help you feel calmer, sleep better and regain the life that you'sve been craving for.

♦ Sports injury rehab

Move, play, and groove again!

gym Chi Fitness chiropractor

Dr. Ben (Chiropractor) has participated in numerous sports such as Zumba, hiphop dance, martial arts, gym and taichi. So, we can deliver you a specific rehab program.

ballet studio chiropractor

♦ Others

Seniors rehab: frozen shoulder, heel spurs, tennis elbow and golfers elbow


Shockwave therapy is very useful in improving these conditions.

shockwave therapy

♦Bunion and flat feet

Bunion or flat feet?

Kick feet pain away and get back to life!

bunion and flat feet MBA Chiropractic

Do you need insoles or Correct Toes?

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Meet Dr. Ben (Chiropractor)

I'm not afraid to learn from other professions
physiotherapy chiropractor MBA Chiropractic

Enduring weird looks from physiotherapists at a physio congress, Dr. Ben (Chiropractor) is no stranger to learning from the brightest minds in other professions.

Whether it's podiatry, chiropractic, sports massage, acupressure, or functional rehab, he learns and integrates everything for one purpose....

To bring you optimal results in a faster time.

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We are open:

Monday - Tuesday 9am-6pm

Thursday - Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday 9am-1pm


Getting to 10 Boulevard is easy.

This office block is off the SPRINT Highway and is nestled between Damansara Jaya, Centrepoint and 1Utama.

chiropractor Petaling Jaya

There's plenty of parking space.

Driving is easy. Watch the video here.

Get here

Get a taxi from Bandar Utama MRT (or Kayu Ara LRT station in the near future).

Or get a Grab from nearby landmarks such as Atria, 3Damansara Tropicana City, or 1Utama shopping centre.

Waze 10 Boulevard

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