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We help you recover and reignite your active life

Many people visit chiropractors to crack their backs and relief their back pain. But that's not what we do at MBA Chiropractic.

We are here to solve your problems.

If you are looking for a quick fix, one time "miracle" crack, we are not for you.

BUT if you want a solution to your problems, longer lasting results, read on!

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♦ Office worker rehab

Students and office workers sit many hours, using the computer.

Hustle smart!

We help you kick shoulder and back pain away. Relieve tension headaches too, so that you can be more productive and restart your active life.


♦ Seniors rehab

Senior citizens often experience frozen shoulder, heel spurs, tennis elbow and golfers elbow


Shockwave therapy is very useful in improving these conditions.

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♦Bunion and flat feet

Bunion and flat feet can affect your life with feet discomfort.


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♦ Wellness

Too much stress can affect your digestion and sleep.


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♦ Sports injury rehab

Attention dancers, gym, running, yoga and kickboxing fans

We help fix your knee, ankle sprain, clicking hips, feet, back, and shoulder problems. Get a tune up, so you can blaze the dance floor, or hit your personal best.

Many chronic injuries require FNA!

Whether it is running, martial arts, gym, yoga, dance, we conduct a detailed movement analysis to discover what patterns are driving your injury.





Not really. We devote a lot of time to researching and testing so that you get the highest probability of treatment success.

Dr. Benjamin Loh is a chiropractor but is not afraid to learn from the brightest minds in physiotherapy, podiatry, chiropractic, and so forth.

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Real world experience

Dr. Benjamin (Chiropractor) has tried gym, Zumba, hiphop dance, martial arts, and even taichi.

This familiarity with numerous sports enables him to successfully treat a wide range of sports injury.

It has also enabled him to deliver injury prevention seminars at gyms, ballet and dance studios.

Benjamin-Loh-chiropractor-gym-seminar-CHi-Fitness-Atria Benjamin-Loh-chiropractor-ballet-studio-seminar

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Frequently asked questions

You probably have a lot of questions about physiotherapy, chiropractic, slipped disc, back pain, knee pain and flat feet.

Do you need a strong core?

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Mommy pouch technically known as diastasis recti looks like separation between the right and left abs.

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