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Bunion and flat feet: not your best friends

Everybody knows what is a bunion and flat feet... so common.

Not everybody knows the real causes of BFF though.

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Many times, BFF run in the family. Mom or grandma has a bunion and for some reason it is passed on to the children, including men.

High heels or wearing tight shoes is one factor that can lead to bunions.

Bunions and flat feet could sometimes be caused by a leg length difference

This is why it is so important to come for a thorough assessment

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Get a checkup and complete solution at MBA Chiropractic.

We do NOT just sell you Correct Toes or an insole and say goodbye.

In terms of insoles, we recommend getting semi rigid insoles as it provides better support when you walk or do sports.


Spenco insoles and footwear provide high quality support for your feet and obtained positive comments from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Why is Correct Toes expensive

MBA. Chiropractic is an authorised distributor of Correct Toes.

But WHY is the price high.

In reality, a higher price works out to be cheaper when you get RESULTS.

Correct Toes is designed by American podiatrist (foot specialist), Dr Ray McClanahan and has helped many people worldwide.

Dr. Ray himself is an active runner and Correct Toes can also be worn inside sports shoes and sandals.

Do your research. There are so MANY cheaper toe spacers in the market, but none work all muscles in your five toes.

When you buy one spacer after another, that adds up to be more expensive. Not to mention your wasted time and effort.


Imagine being able to walk again in comfort so you can continue shopping, running, jogging or walking in the park.

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