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Bunions are often inherited from your parent, or are sometimes due to wearing tight shoes such as high heels.

Try Correct Toes, patented by an American podiatrist (foot specialist), to straighten out your toe and regain your confidence!

Fortunately, Correct Toes is available in Malaysia and you can save on delivery charges.
Besides that, when you purchase a pair of Correct Toes, you will also get a complimentary foot examination by Benjamin Loh (Chiropractor). This examination can help detect any misalignments which may be causing your condition to get worse.

Flat feet

Flat feet is often inherited and is common among Asian people. Don't let flat feet stop you from living an active life. You CAN exercise and participate in sports provided you use the right insoles.

Firm insoles (such as Spenco) are recommended because they provide support for your bodyweight, arch and allow you to feel the floor which makes you more stable. 

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