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Cut through the confusion!


The problem with conventional rehab in Malaysia is that each therapist has a certain bias.

Chiropractor adjusts the spine and BELIEVES it is sufficient to fix a problem.

Foot specialist makes customised insoles and BELIEVES it is sufficient to fix a problem.

The list goes on and on.

Here's the secret!

Bias does not equal TRUTH. Each profession has a blind spot.


That is why Dr. Ben (Chiropractor) emphasises an evidence based approach.

Fact: Some people do have a short leg which does NOT change despite getting their pelvis adjusted.

Take a look at this example. Video

Another fact: Your neck, shoulder and back will get jammed through too much sitting.


When it is jammed, you need an adjustment (twisting). No amount of stretching can unstuck your neck, shoulder and back.


Four reasons we are different.

Longer lasting results


Dr. Benjamin Loh (Chiropractor) was fed up that his patients felt stiff a few days after an adjustment.

That set him on a mission to learn from the brightest minds in physiotherapy, chiropractic, podiatry, sports massage, acupressure... the list is endless.

He discovered that the secret to lasting results was to hack the brain.


This brain based rehab forms the core of the MBA approach.

Read about brain based rehab

Real world experience.

Gym, martial arts, hiphop dance, Zumba, taichi. Dr Benjamin (Chiropractor) has been there, done that! Why visit someone who has ZERO familiarity with your sport? Duh!


Read about dance injury

We also feel honoured that our video tips were liked by American and other overseas chiropractors, physiotherapists, yoga and gym trainers.

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No unnecessary Xrays!


Most of the time, Xrays are not required before treatment, saving you from unnecessary radiation.

We will request for Xrays or other imaging if we suspect there is fracture, cancer or some serious condition.

It's all about YOU!

You deserve a thorough consultation and examination, not a hello goodbye five minute session.

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There is also no pushy sales talk to buy endless packages.

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