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Having tried (as a patient) chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage, myofascial release, podiatry and acupuncture, Dr. Ben (Chiropractor) realised that none provided lasting results.

This led him on a quest to learn from experts in various professions and integrate the knowledge to help you achieve optimal results.

Four reasons we are different.

Longer lasting results


In his arduous learning journey, Dr. Benjamin Loh (Chiropractor) realised that the secret to lasting results was to hack the brain.

brain based rehab neuroplasticity MBA Chiropractic

This brain based rehab forms the core of the MBA protocol.

Clinically proven

All your treatment options have been meticulously researched to provide safety and effectiveness.

No dangerous moves such as towel pulls on the neck or endless adjustments if it's not going to help your condition.

Take a look at this example. Video

Real world experience.

Gym, martial arts, hiphop dance, Zumba, taichi. Dr Benjamin (Chiropractor) has been there, done that! Why visit someone who has ZERO familiarity with your sport?

Dr Benjamin Loh chiropractor doing hiphop dance and martial arts

Many chronic injuries require FNA!

Whether it is running, martial arts, gym, yoga, dance injury, we conduct a detailed movement analysis to discover what movement habits are causing your injury.

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No unnecessary Xrays!

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Most of the time, Xrays are not required before treatment, saving you from unnecessary radiation.

We will request for Xrays or other imaging if we suspect there is fracture, cancer or some serious condition.

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