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Brain based rehab

As mentioned earlier, we believe in brain based rehab


We perform muscle activation and reflex point activation to help you get longer lasting results.


So muscle activation may help sports performance as well as relaxation.

All this is incorporated into the MBA protocol.

After learning from numerous experts, Dr. Benjamin (Chiropractor) has integrated his knowledge and summed it up into three areas.

Movement precision, Breathing and Alignment.


Integrating MBA enables the highest probability of treatment success.

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Other applications for brain based rehab

Not just for sports, relaxation, and posture.

Brain based rehab can also be used for Caesarean rehab.


During a Caesarean, nerves are cut.

Sometimes this affects your nerve signal and you are unable to activate your back and core muscles.

Reflex point activation is the perfect candidate to help you reactivate those muscles.

You do not need crunches and planks.


Some may also be worried about the unsightly mommy pouch (diastasis recti).

Mommy pouch technically known as diastasis recti looks like separation between the right and left abs.

Relax. Try our our Momma Rehab program. It combines adjustments, brain based rehab and also specific soft tissue therapy to help you minimise mommy pouch.

You can regain your active life and feel confident again.


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