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Yes you can feel awesome and lead an active life.

Want a lifetime of awesomeness, you need to come in for adjustments every month.

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The science behind adjustments!

Regular adjustments ('twisting') can help you keep calm and decrease your stress! This happens because stress hormones such as cortisol decrease after getting an adjustment (Sampath 2017; Padayachy 2010) .

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Adjustments can also benefit tension type headaches and migraine (Lopez 2016; Chaibi 2017) as your neck tension is freed up.

Therefore, it is common to sleep well after getting an adjustment.


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By decreasing your stress level, this may also indirectly improve your digestion.


Dr. Benjamin Loh (Chiropractor) also incorporates acupressure to help relax and harmonise the body so that your body can be rebalanced.

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Important disclaimer. We do NOT claim to treat any condition or disease.

Consult a medical doctor or specialist if you have frequent headaches, migraine, digestion, or sleep problems.