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Why us?

We're different from other Chiropractors and rehab centres in Malaysia. Here's why:

Three reasons

We KNOW what we're doing! No celebrity endorsement. Check out our Instagram followers. They are American and other overseas chiropractors, physiotherapists, yoga and gym trainers. What an honour. DOWNLOADour Instagram playlist and click to view our video tips.

Gym, martial arts, hiphop dance, Zumba, taichi. Dr Benjamin (Chiropractor) has been there, done that! Why visit someone who has ZERO familiarity with your sport? Duh!

It's all about YOU! You deserve a thorough consultation and examination, not a hello goodbye five minute session. There is also no pushy sales talk to buy endless packages.


Other solutions

You know we help solve your wellness and sports rehab problems, manage scoliosis too. Did you know, we also offer:


Shockwave Therapy

Say goodbye to frozen shoulder, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, tennis and golfers elbow. High speed waves are blasted on tendons, muscles and connective tissue that have chronic problems. This creates gentle inflammation and restarts the healing process.


Group exercise

Ate too much recently? Join our Zumba class and dance your fat away in Zumba. Rest assured with our experienced instructors.

Kungfu classes are also available and is ideal for self defence.

Call us

BFF management

Is flat feet, overpronation or bunions affecting you? Want to walk, shop, jog more comfortably? Consult us. MBA Chiropractic is also the authorised Malaysian reseller for Correct Toes, designed by an American sports podiatrist.