MBA Chiropractic - Why us

Why us?

We're different from other Chiropractors in Malaysia. Here's why:

Four reasons

We like people, not just full appointment schedules. We offer undivided attention and a personalised service. We know what it feels like to be hurried through appointments and we don't like it, so we don't do it to our clients. We've also banned pushy sales talk so you just get what you need, when you need it.

Gym, martial arts, hiphop dance, Zumba, taichi. Dr Benjamin (Chiropractor) has been there, done that! Why visit someone who has zero familiarity with your sport?

We back our claims with science. After a decade of lecturing, Dr Benjamin (Chiropractor) is familiar with study! We keep on top of all the latest findings and use scientifically proven technology such as shockwave therapy to help muscle knots and jumpstart healing of tendon problems. If it's new, we're probably researching it already.

We've developed the MBA Philosophy. Through our own research, we know regular chiropractic adjustment is supported by proper breathing and movement. We help you combine the three for optimal retraining of your habits so you can get back on track as quickly as possible.



We offer:


Shockwave Therapy

If you have muscle knots or stubborn tendon injuries, shockwave therapy will help you restore mobility. Shockwave Therapy utilises pressure or "shock" waves to improve blood supply and nutrients so that healing can occur.

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Back pain, headaches, stiff neck and shoulders can be relieved with adjustments. Also known as spinal manipulation, a quick yet gentle thrust ('twist') is delivered to help realign your joints and reharmonise your body.

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Correct Toes

MBA Chiropractic is the authorised Malaysian reseller for Correct Toes. Designed by an American sports podiatrist, Correct Toes strengthen foot muscles and may help conditions such as flat feet and bunions.

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