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MBA Chiropractic FAQ

Having seen a wide variety of cases in Petaling Jaya and Damansara Jaya, here is a list of frequently asked questions.

Do you offer physiotherapy or chiropractic. You fix backs right?

Such outdated thinking! Yes, historically people would consult a physiotherapist for rehab of sports injury.

And a chiropractor to fix their back pain. But nowadays, things are different. You should really be asking: can you successfully treat my case?

But then again we understand your confusion. Rest assured we know rehab. After all, why would an American physiotherapist or chiropractor like our video tips (check out our Instagram followers)?

Back pain and slipped disc. Not me!

The bad news: office workers can get slipped disc. A study showed that sitting nonstop for four hours Flattens the disc.

Over many months, this can lead to disc degeneration (Billy, 2014).


Once you get numbness going down your legs, it is VERY difficult to recover.

So, get up and MOVE more frequently. We have simple exercises that you can do, download the playlist.

Stiff neck and shoulder pain.


Stiff neck and shoulder pain: what is the real CAUSE?

Stiffness and soreness may sometimes be a SYMPTOM that some muscles are not doing their job?

Watch this video Video

Sometimes reflex points can activate the right muscles.

Reflex points Video

You need a strong core and sixpack!

This is another myth. Doing loads of core strength exercises does NOT mean your back pain will go away.

Stop chasing the sixpack too.


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Knee pain. Do you need MRI!

MRI is good for viewing which part of the knee is injured: ligaments, meniscus, etc.


However, our experience has shown us that sometimes, knee injury is due to poor control in the hip and foot

In such a situation, rest does NOTHING to correct the cause (poor MOVEMENT control)

This is why in MBA Chiropractic, we greatly emphasise Movement precision. Call us to schedule a FNA (movement analysis).