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Dance injury


Dance injury is usually caused by one of three reasons.

First: you need to wear DANCE shoes, not ordinary sports shoes.

Zumba and some dance styles require side to side or rotation of the feet.

However, walking or running shoes are designed for forward movement, NOT for pivoting (rotation).


So your knee could get twisted, as this video shows.


What brands to choose: Zumba, Bloch, Capezio, specialise in dance shoes.

You can also try Reebok Zumba shoes. Ryka cross trainers are also good.

Bloch does make men dance sneakers, but not the other brands, sorry guys.

Second: overuse injury. Hiphop dance and Zumba has a lot of jumping and side to side movement.

This strains the knee and over time, it becomes worn out.

Third: wrong exercises

Ballet trainers are smart, they train in a way which helps their ballet dance moves.

If you do hiphop dance or Zumba, you need to use the right muscles. Not some random Youtube workout.


Choose the right rehab

We hear this a lot..who to see: chiropractor or physiotherapist.

It does not matter. What is important is to consult someone who has knowledge about dance.

Dr. Benjamin is a chiropractor who has participated in Zumba and hiphop dance.

This knowledge has enabled him to understand and successfully treat many dance injuries.