MBA Chiropractic - Bunion flat feet

Bunion and flat feet: not your best friends

Everybody knows what is a bunion and flat feet... so common.

Not everybody knows the real causes of BFF though.


Many times, BFF run in the family. Mom or grandma has a bunion and for some reason it is passed on to the children, including men.

High heels or wearing tight shoes is one factor that can lead to bunions.

Another factor we see in our clinic is relatively weak muscles in the feet, or leg length imbalance... which is why it is so important to come for a thorough assessment


As we have mentioned in the video, MBA Chiropractic offers a complete solution. It is a lot easier to just sell an insole and say goodbye.

Why is Correct Toes expensive

We hear this a lot. But you get what you pay for, higher cost initially, works out to be cheaper when you get RESULTS.

After all, Correct Toes is designed by American podiatrist (foot specialist), Dr Ray McClanahan.

Go on, do your research. There are so MANY cheaper toe spacers in the market, but none work all muscles in your five toes.

When you buy one spacer after another, that adds up to be more expensive. Not to mention your wasted time and effort.


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