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From stiffness to wellness

If you're a dancer, gym lover, martial arts fanatic, or just wish to live a life with better health and an overall feeling of wellness, you must factor in chiropractic care to your regular health routine. Chiropractic services treat people from all walks of life — from the lovers of physical movement to office workers, teenagers and retirees. You'll benefit from good chiropractic care for a range of conditions including back and neck pain, tension headaches, shoulder and arm stiffness, ankle sprains, or simply wanting to maintain excellent health and wellness. Alignments, which ensure the spine and nervous system work harmoniously together, ensure better overall health.

You are our highest priority

At MBA Chiropractic we take chiropractic care a step further: We pride ourselves on highly personalised and totally undivided attention.

We know exactly how it feels to be hurried through appointments. We don't overbook or squeeze you into five-minute sessions. We take the time to find out exactly what you need and deliver you the best care in Petaling Jaya and Damansara Jaya.


Our philosophy

Did you know that proper breathing is crucial for core stabilisation as well as relaxation? We combine:


Precise MOVEMENT puts less strain on the body. We help you retrain the way you move (motor control).


Deep BREATHING relaxes the body and engages your core for stability. It is easier once we activate specific reflex points.


Good ALIGNMENT means less strain. When did you last realign your wheels? Check your teeth? Your spine?

Don't wait!