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  • During school days, she participated in netball, running and other sports on a competitive basis. This left her with a clicking shoulder, ankle instability, and pain in both knees. When she performed a squat, there was also clicking in the hip joint. By the ninth treatment session, she had obtained significant relief. There was also less frequent clicking in her hip joint when she did a squat, walking was also more comfortable.

    Age: 30+
  • Experienced pain in the buttock and a contracted hamstring. This contraction was significant such that it was difficult to get out of the car seat, or even an office chair after sitting down a few minutes. After four treatment sessions, the hamstring contraction was less frequent and he could easily get out of a car seat or office chair.

    MR TAY.
    Age: 30+
  • A school student experienced pain in the lower back and thighs for several months. She had seen an orthopedic surgeon, taken Xrays and even seen a psychiatrist (parents thought that she was either lying or imagining there was pain). None of them could find out what was wrong. Dr Benjamin noticed she walked in an awkward manner and her pelvis was tilted, delivered a few adjustments (high speed thrusts) to realign the body and she could walk pain-free.

    MS NG.
    Age: 10+